User ManualsProduction › How to change Routing?

By default, the active approved Version of Routing with proper Validity Period and assigned to the original Product Structure will be used automatically for each new Production Order.  This Routing can be optionally changed, if necessary, using another active approved Version of Routing with proper Validity Period.  After changing Routing, all original Operations and related Operation Details will be replaced in the Production Order with Operations from new assigned Routing.  The Production Order and new Operations will be fully rescheduled using explicitly specified Start Date or End Date and corresponding Planning State ("From start" or "From end").  If the original Production Order is a member of “chain” of linked Production Orders (that has the SAME Order Number but different Releases) and system parameter “Production Order Rescheduling” = Enabled, then "Rescheduling Parameters" dialog will be displayed to specify parameters for rescheduling of linked orders.

If some Components are assigned explicitly to the Operations from original Routing but such Operations are absent in the new assigned Routing, then such Components will be re-planned automatically at the next Planning session using the new Start Date of changed Production Order and new Production Requisitions and Purchase Requisitions will be created for Components.

Please remember, that the possibility to change Routing is DISABLED in following cases: some Operations are already started (Quantity and/or Time are reported), or manufactured Product is partially or fully received into Inventory, or Production Order has "Cancelled" or "Closed" Status.