User ManualsProduction › How to change Start Time for Operation?

Working with Production Order, You can optionally change Start Time for Operation with “Created”, “Released” or “ExecutableStatus.  It is useful, for example, when related Work Cell is overloaded for the specific date range.  If Operation is already started, then possibility to change Start Time will be disabled for this Operation.

If Start Time is changed for the FIRST Operation in Routing, then other following Operations will be rescheduled automatically.  When Start Time is changed for Operation that is not a FIRST in the Routing, User will be asked about possibility to reschedule other Operations.  In any case, related Start Date and End Date of Production Order will be updated appropriately.  When Start Date or/and End Date for Production Order are changed after rescheduling Operations and Production Order is a member of the “chain” of linked Production Orders, then “Rescheduling Parameters” dialog can be displayed (if system parameter “Production Orders rescheduling” = Enabled).