User ManualsProduction › How to create Production Order from Production Requisition?

Handling Production Requisitions created by Planning algorithm, You can create new Production Orders for one or more selected Production Requisitions using corresponding option from Context Menu.  Using the additional dialog, You can also activate or deactivate some additional options:

  • By default, the Production Orders will be created not only for explicitly selected Production Requisitions, but also for related semi-products (Components with own Product Structures marked by “Separate Product” Boolean flag).  In such case, the new unique Order Number with Release = '1' will be generated for Production Order created for Part specified in Production Requisition.  The Production Orders for semi-products will have the SAME Order Number and Releases = '2', '3', '4' etc.  If You don’t need to create Production Orders for semi-products, just switch off “Create orders for semi-products” check box.
  • If the possibility to create Production Orders for semi-products is activated, then free (not reserved) available quantity of semi-products will be taken into account to calculate corresponding Ordered Quantity for such Orders.  If You prefer to create Production Orders for semi-products using only original demand and ignoring available stock, just switch off “Consider free quantity of semi-products in stock” check box.
  • If some selected Production Requisitions are intended to produce the SAME Product (the same Part Number, Modification and Version of Product Structure) for the same Destination (the same values of Customer Order Number, Line and Release), then by default such Requisitions will be combined to create single Production Order with summarized value of Ordered Quantity using the earliest Due Date.  If You prefer to always create the own Production Order for each original Production Requisition, just switch off “Combine similar orders” check box.

When the initiated process will be finished successfully, the Order Numbers of the new created Production Orders will be displayed in grid for original Production Requisitions.  The Statuses of original Production Requisitions will be changed from “Created” to “Order Created” values.  Any new created Production Order can be open directly from Production Requisitions list.  The “Production Order” details form will displayed and populated with actual details of Production Order, created against particular Production Requisition.  This form can be used to review or change Production Order details in accordance with it's current Status.