User ManualsProduction › How to reserve selected Components?

One or more selected Components can be reserved taking into account specified Quantity of Product that should be produced and using FIFO method for available Batches in Inventory or in the Production Cell specified for Production Order.  The possibility to reserve Components using available Batches in Inventory depends from "Reserve Production Orders from Inventory" system parameter.

If selected Components will be fully reserved, then theirs Statuses will be changed to the "Reserved" value.  If some Components cannot be reserved at all or can be reserved only partially, then User will be notified about problem and the Statuses for such Components will not be changed or will be changed to the "Partially Reserved" values.  Important, that for Components with Planning Type = “C” or “F” (Customer Order based) only available Batches with the proper Reference to the original Customer Order Line can be used.  Finally, the Status of Production Order will be changed in accordance with reservation results.