User ManualsPurchase Process › How to create a new Purchase Order manually?

The Purchase Order is the basic business document of ProdMaster Purchase module.  It should be registered as a replenishment order in case of insufficient stock or unsatisfied demand and should be addressed to the particular Supplier.  The possibility to create a new Purchase Order based on Purchase Query (Request for Quotation to the particular Supplier) or Purchase Requisitions (created by Planning algorithm) will be described in the other chapters.

In the Purchase Order Header the following important details can be specified: Supplier, Currency, Wanted Receipt Date, Delivery Address, Contact Details, Delivery and Payment Terms, Delivery Method and Transportation Details, preferable Documents Language etc.

The list of ordered Inventory Parts can be registered as Order Lines list.  Each Order Line can contain Part Number and Description (including Supplier specific Part Number and Description), Ordered Quantity, Purchase and Inventory Units of Measure, Unit Price in specified Currency, Wanted and Confirmed Receipt Dates etc.

The content of registered Purchase Order can be reviewed and changed in accordance with current Order Status.  The Order Status and Statuses for each Order Line will be updated automatically during Order Life Cycle.  The possibility to create, review and change Purchase Order depends also from Access Rights granted to the particular User!