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IMPORTANT. In order to go through the Sales routine the following pre-conditions should be observed:

  • The System Parameters for the Sales module, Basic Data of ProdMaster (the minimum necessary set of supported Currencies, Languages, Countries, Payment Terms, Delivery Terms, VAT Codes etc.) and Inventory Parts should be prepared in accordance with typical Company dependent business requirements – see also “Inventory” section;
  • The particular Customer should be registered in the ProdMaster Sales module with related details (e.g. default Currency, Language, Payment Terms, Delivery Terms, Ship Via Codes, Delivery and Document Addresses, Contacts, Price List, Discount etc.);
  • Some Sales Parts for the particular Customer can be optionally registered with specific parameters (e.g. Customer specific Codes, Descriptions, Prices, Units of Measure with related Conversion Factor, Packaging info etc.);
  • The specific Sales Prices for some Inventory Parts can be optionally prepared in the Price Lists.